Welcome to my Website! If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place.

If you would to book an appointment you can either call or text the number on this page or click the contact me heading at the top.

Once you have booked your appointment if you feel you will not be able to make it work in your schedule for that day or time there is some options for you READ CAREFULLY IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL LIKELY END UP WITH A CANCELATION FEE DURING YOUR NEXT MASSAGE. What is the will you be charged if you must receive the cancelation fee? Call and ask because it defers with each severity and wether i had to drive a long distance or not before you canceled.

How will you end you with cancelation fee. 

                                   1. If you call/text and cancel less than 8 hours before the appointment.

                                    2. If you call/text and cancel while I am driving to your appointment.

                                    3. If you don't call/text at all and I drive to the appointment to find either you are not home or you end up canceling it then.

How to avoid all cancelation fee.

                                   1. If you call/text within 8-23 hours before your appointment AND reschedule your next one within the next week or two weeks you will avoid the cancelation fee.

                                   2. If you call/text within 24 hours and reschedule your next appointment within the next month you will avoid the cancelation fee.